TEL Assisted Customers in the Fulfilment of Foreign Trade During the Pandemic

News Article in China News (issue 19570), 12 March 2022

▲ Topline Express Logistics delivered the dryers to port successfully through precise calculations and saved transportation costs for their customer.

▲ Topline Express Logistics packed and shipped the modernized tyre production lines.

▲ Topline Express Logistics assisted enterprises in implementing foreign trade by provision of international logistics services.

This rapidly spreading pandemic has changed our daily lives and disrupted the rhythm of enterprises’ production and operations globally. Many countries have taken strict measures of border control to prevent the spread of the virus which also affected cross-border transport operations. In the post-pandemic era, many small and medium firms are finding themselves in difficult situations. Under these circumstances, Topline Express Logistics continues to explore and innovate the mode of management and service – trying to find and create new prospects in the crises. With the spirit of making progress with determination and innovation, Topline Express Logistics acted actively as the business partner for the importers and exporters and provided high-quality logistics services to ensure realization of the supply and procurement of goods and materials for their customers.

Progressing with determination and seizing the opportunity of ‘One Belt, One Road’ development

Topline Express Logistics has reached an agreement with Shanghai Railway Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the China Railway Group in further response to the government’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ construction and provided the railway transport service from China to Germany, CIS countries, Russia, and Mongolia. The Euro-Asia railway has a bigger advantage over ocean shipping due to more punctual schedules and shorter transit time. Therefore, Topline Express Logistics built up a service network in Urumqi, Alashankou, Horgos, Kashgar of Xingjiang, Manchuli, Erenhot of Inner Mongolia and Heihe of Heilongjiang to ensure the cargo’s speedy customs clearance at the border and its earliest arrival at the destination. In the meantime, Topline Express Logistics is working with a Russian trucking company to deliver the goods at the door of the consignee internationally with the advantage of a truck’s flexibility. Moreover, Topline Express Logistics is broadening its service scope and coverage areas along the maritime silk routes with the support of carriers, airlines and overseas networks built up over the years to provide the multimodal transport service by means of sea, air, road, and assist the foreign trading enterprises in prompt delivery of goods to the buyers.

Convenient and Economic, Combined Service of Packing and Shipping

Topline Express Logistics (referred to as TEL hereafter) is an integrated logistics enterprise offering industrial packaging and international shipping services. At present it serves more than 100 countries and regions including Russia, United States and Canada, etc. TEL always understands and resolves problems from the customer’s perspective and minimizes cargo volume with bespoke packing solutions to increase stowage efficiency – resulting in not only a decreased total cost in the supply chain for its clients, but also less vehicle emissions and improved environmental protection.

For many years, TEL has exerted its advantages in protective packaging and international logistics services to help many of its clients save on logistics costs and increase the competitiveness of their exports by its bespoke packing solutions.

In Feb 2012, TEL was entrusted by a client in South America to load two wooden cases of export cargo into a 40 ft flat rack container; but according to the cargo dimensions and weight provided by the client, TEL staff suggested the use of a 20 ft flat rack container instead because all costs could be cut by 50%. Upon receiving acknowledgement on the feasibility of using a 1 x 20 ft flat rack container from the shipping line, TEL proposed an optimized solution to its client.

TEL also reinforced one of the wooden cases using a simple and economic method to make it stackable and saved about 10,000 US dollars in logistics costs for its client.

Border-crossing cargo delivery during the lockdowns

Heihe is a border port in Heilongjiang, opening to Russia for all seasons. In March 2020, the Heihe Port Administration Department implemented strict border control measures for vehicles and people as required for pandemic control. 10 Chinese mobile cranes purchased by the Russian Petroleum and Natural Gas Corp were stuck in Heihe for over a month due to the pandemic and other restrictions on transport. These cranes were in urgent need for the construction of a natural gas plant in Svobodny, Amur, Russia. Each crane weighed 45 tons and featured dimensions of 14.1 m (L) x 3.3 m (W) x 3.7 m (H). After cautious organization and coordination with multiple parties, TEL decided to deliver these cranes by driving them over the floating bridge across Heilongjiang River first, and then continued by low-bed trucks for the on-carriage. Eventually, TEL completed the task by the successful and safe delivery of these 10 cranes to the destination.

This attention to detail determines the success and the failure of TEL’s projects, and the attitude taken towards them determines everything. The accredited trust by its partners and clients is built upon the service philosophy and enterprise culture TEL cultivated many years ago. TEL always insists on ‘Customer First’ and sets ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as its priority for measuring the quality of each job. Integrity and Innovation are TEL’s secrets of success. It has been a standard practice in TEL’s routine work and reflected in every service detail, measured by four words: More, Efficient, Better, Economic.

High-quality service is dependent on qualified staff. TEL often organizes training for its staff to increase their sense of teamwork, raise professional skills and help in career development. ‘Better Service, Better Solutions’ is TEL’s motto which implies the spirit of non-stop innovation and fearless exploration. Armed with this philosophy, TEL has been resilient – staying undefeated in fierce competition.