Handling Shanghai’s Bonded Area Day Tour for Customers

The meaning of a “bonded area one-day tour” is as follows: the transporting of domestic goods into a bonded area is regarded as an export. After the relevant procedures are completed in the area, transporting the goods out of the area is regarded as an import. Compared with the previous “Hong Kong one-day tour”, it saves logistics and time costs – creating convenience for corporations.

Our company has rich experience in operating Shanghai-based “bonded area one-day tour” business and has handled many such businesses under the tripartite trade for our customers.

One of our customers sold the equipment to a foreign company, while the foreign company sold the equipment to a domestic company. Through the “bonded area one-day tour”, the customer understood the foreign exchange verification, tax refund and manual verification which should have been completed with export and import in past times. Therefore, operating times and costs were significantly reduced.