TEL Transport 2 Dryer Drum Shell Units

Topline Express Logistics (TEL) in China has successfully transported 2 units of dryer drum shells and their accessories from the manufacturer’s premises in Shandong Province to Qingdao Port.

Each unit weighed 67,000kg and measured 24.90 x 4.15 x 4.35m. The biggest challenge for TEL was a under-construction flyover that the units would have to pass under on the way to the port. The clearance of the uncompleted section of the flyover was 5.3m high but would be reduced once completed.

The Logistics Department Manager at TEL, Ryo Hu explains; “We were not sure when the flyover would be completed when we were awarded this project so we needed to find out the schedule of the construction and move the dryer drum shells as early as possible and try to avoid the demurrage of the low-bed trucks as well. We managed to get in contact with the right person responsible for the flyover construction through a friend in Qingdao and got the trucks moving quickly meaning the operations could be completed without much issue.”

Two 90cm high low-bed trucks were used and there was only 20cm clearance when the trucks passed the flyover construction section as pictured in the gallery below.